Tuesday, May 30, 2017

WALT: write our observations.

WALT: write our observations.

On Tuesday morning in room 1 Mrs Wallace brang some volcanic rocks and ocean rocks.
First we sat in a circle and past them around. We were smelling them and listening to the sound they make when they tap on them.
Next we talked about it then put them in to catergoris.

When we put them in categories there was a ocean pile and a volcanic pile there was 6 in the ocean pile and 3 in the volcanic pile.


Monday, May 15, 2017

Should cell phones be banned in schools

                                                    Should cell phones be banned in schools

We are learning to express  an idea or opinion, supported with evidence.

I think we should not have phones at school.

Phones interrupts your learning.

 When you should be working you might be playing games instead.
They might cause fights.

When you're having a turn on your phone other kids might snatch it off you and you a trying to get it back.

Students could cheat with a phone.

When your doing a test you might secretly see on your phone what the answer is.

And that’s why we should not have phones at school.